We have 8 beers on draft:

 three english ales 

 a delicious pilsner 

a local IPA from fieldwork 





another IPA 

      and last but not least two Belgium style beers! 

      Coffee drinks :

      we can do coffee, tea, americanos, espressos, cappocinos,       lattes and whatever other weird coffee drink you can think up!






   Hard lemonade

   Ginger beers 

  a stuffed cat with a bonnet… 




30+ beers in the bottle of all styles

  • amber ale
  • stouts
  • IPAs
  • pale ales
  • gluten free beers
  • sour beers
  • wheat beers 
  • basically all varieties of beers can be found here





malbec, syrah, zinfandel, cabernet, pino noir, even a syrah/ merlot mix



pino grigio, sauvignon blanc, prosecco, rose, chardonnay






Three Sakes!

  • dry 
  • fruity 
  • creamy

Four Port Wines 

We also have mead aka. honey wine! 






We also have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks including soda, sparkling water, and non-alcoholic ginger beers 🙂







We sell a huge variety of loose leaf tobacco of the cigarette and pipe variety.

Loose Leaf Cigarette Tobacco :        

  • Danish
  • Amsterdam 
  • Norwegian
  • American 
  • Stockholm
  • Turkish
  • London

We sell these in 1 oz. bags and 5.25oz. tins

Loose Leaf Pipe Tobacco : 

  • Raven
  • Baltic (classic english)
  • Bulldog
  • Nosebag
  • Raintree
  • Levant
  • Orient Express

We sell our loose leaf pipe tobacco in 1.5 oz. bags and 8 oz. bags





We also have a huge cigarettes, cloves, and cigarillos in the box as well!










Big cigars too!

  • Punch 
  • Partagas 
  • Romeo y Julieta 
  • H. Upmann
  • Maduro 
  • and more!



We sell a lot of pre-packaged pipe tobacco as well. Some really good stuff. 








We sell all of the smoking paraphernalia you could want as well.